This product can be used as a switch board or display in all kinds of household hoods. This display can be used both vertically and horizontally on the hood and has the ability to command the power boards to control the engine speed of the hood as well as the light bulb. The built-in infrared receiver allows remote control with the remote controls provided with the product. The design has been done in such a way that the icons displayed on the glass do not have dots and can be seen uniformly. The LED color of the switches and their type of operation and in general the operation of the product can be changed and updated depending on the needs of the customers.


 Black  White  Silver  Gray

49x170x18 mm, 49x182x18 mm

Display type

Display Color

Keys No.

Keys Type
Capacitive Touch

Product Details



Display type

Display Color

Enclosure Color

Enclosure Material

Num. of Keys

Keys Type

Max. Allowable Thickness of Covering Glass

Max. Num. of Fan Speed

Remote Control Type

Remote Control Range

Max. Operating Temperature

Light bulb control

Automatic mode

sleep timer

Power Board Types


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Group 58
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